Saturday, December 29, 2012

About Me, Science, and Home Arts

I am a physicist by training.  That has taught me to approach to world as a place where I can accomplish anything, because all of it obeys they same basic principles.  I call physics the duct tape of science because the rules can be used for anything!

I have the same attitude (and perhaps the same inflated sense of confidence) as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

I work as a scientist during the day, but in my free time I cook, bake, renovate, knit, sew, garden, and generally craft.  In short, I have a passion for the home arts and, inspired by my cousin Katie over at, I want to share that passion.  I have been working for years to address the lack of confidence people feel about their ability to do and understand science.  I think people have that same lack of confidence in their ability to do home arts.   Just try it!  See what happens.

This blog is my excuse to try more home arts projects!  Thanks for stopping by.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for things you would like to know about (especially at the intersection of the home arts and science) or things I can do better!


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