Mad Science Mondays

I am deeply passionate about science and promoting science literacy.  Please read my Intro to Mad Science Mondays to understand my motivations and what you can expect and then enjoy!

Modern Wives' Tales: Examining, Explaining, Debunking or Improving Old Wives' Tales

2/17/14 -- Give up the funk (We don't want the funk) Explores the Old Wives' Tales related to removing onion (and garlic) smell from hands.

If you have suggestions for Old Wives' Tales to Examine, be sure to leave a comment!

Science Blurbs

3/17/2014 Science gives us a solution to reducing delays due to road construction. Spread the word!

If there is anything you are curious about, let me know and I would be happy to look into it!

Kids' Science

Kids are already little scientists.  Foster that view of the world by helping them ask how and why about the world around them.


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