DIY Projects that are Forgiving

Part of my philosophy of the home arts is "You can do it! Just give it a try!" and "Oh, It'll be fine."   But I recognize that there is much truth in the adage "Practice makes perfect."  There are some projects you probably shouldn't start with (e.g. if the material costs a fortune and you have never used a sewing machine).  I'll leave the basics tutorials to the experts, but here is where you can come for a definite win.  When you sit down with one of these projects, with a good dose of determination and (most times) patience, you will create something beautiful. Be sure to use the beauty of the web to find out what you don't know instead of ignoring it (e.g. what does it mean to press something open - once I bothered to figure out what this means, my sewing got a whole lot better!). With the confidence you gain from these projects, you can move on to something A Little More Fancy.

Sewing Projects

Duvet Cover -- Sewing two flat sheets together is pretty easy.  The fact that it is stuffed with something so large and fluffy makes it forgiving of mistakes.

Ruffled Throw Pillow -- the ruffling hides crooked stitches and other sewing gaffs.

Home Decor
White Mat -- This simple and relatively inexpensive switch makes a big difference on the feel of a room and how your artwork stands out.

Super Cheesy Card -- instead of spending $4 and a half an hour in the card aisle trying to find the perfect blend of heartfelt and funny, write it yourself. It doesn't have to be pretty to be cherished.


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