Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pecan Lace Cookies

First off, these things are gorgeous.  Just beautiful.  But they are also super tasty - like crispy, orange toffee.  They seem to also go by the name Florentines.

Current Projects

I am finally getting this blog started!  

My first post should really be titled "Half-finished endeavours."  It will be about some project I am working on (with pictures!) and then I will immediately put up a post with a recipe that worked really well for me (Pecan Lace cookies).  Thanks for stopping by. 

My hubby and I recently bought a Rococo revival couch at an antique store and, though I love it, it looks a bit bare.  So the current project is rev it up with a bunch of throw pillows.  It is a yellow couch so I am going with a bunch of navy and cream fabrics for the pillow.  The centerpiece is a Napoleonic royal bee that I have finally finished embroidering and the circular pillows will have large embroidered G's.


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