Friday, March 7, 2014

Forgiving DIY Projects: Succulent Terrarium

I love plants.  And I love old science equipment.  So when I saw this old desiccator (used to keep chemicals, especially powders and crystals, in a low humidity environment so they won't clump or otherwise get ruined as quickly) for a great deal at an antique store (my MIL actually bought it for me, isn't she sweet?) I knew it would make a great terrarium.  The basics of a terrarium are: container, plants that love high humidity, soil, and something to help drainage so roots don't stay so wet that they rot.  That's all I have here.  I put a layer of pebbles at the bottom, filled the remainder of the bottom with soil, and then planted some succulent plants and clippings of plants that I have on hand.  This makes a great home for my Christmas cacti that I could never keep humid enough in the furnace heated winters for them to bloom - until this year!  I put in any pieces that fall off my other plants - usually because I knock them off while watering - and they take off!

I only water once every couple weeks, or when the soil feels like it is almost dry, to keep the plants from rotting.  When spring comes, I am going to steal some moss from our patio and start growing it in my terrarium as well.

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  1. What a wonderful find! I love the container, and that it's a true re-purpose! I wish I could get a a terrarium to work for me. I'm just having no luck keeping the plants alive!

    1. Thanks Corinna Ashley! What seems to be the trouble with your plants? Terrariums are supposed to make (plant) life easier, not harder! What species are you using and what happens to them? BTW, I checked out your blog and it is awesome! I'm going to be commenting all over the place later!



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